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Poor time management
Inefficient decision making
Lack of focus
Excessive stress

compromise our ability to thrive…

“Mindful Experience for entrepreneurs: 4-levels toolkit”
tackles the most common challenges that an entrepreneur can face.

This online tool will help you strengthen your cognitive abilities
and overcome any challenges come your way.
You will learn how to use less conscious effort and achieve better results
by training your brain for success!

4-levels toolkit

Mindful Entrepreneurship online course


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“The task of Mindful Architecture is to create a place for subjective emotional expression
and to stimulate a heightened self awareness of body and mind through experience.
Mindfulness is what transforms space from a simple experience into a therapeutic enhancement.
Memory, emotion and imagination can deeply impact our sense of spacial value.
By appealing to all three, architecture can redefine our value threshold
and positively impact our well being.”

Mindful Architecture for well being
Boutique Hotel, Uvita, Costa Rica
(project in progress in collaboration with Andres Serpa)


Panel 4


“No need to search a quiet space to meditate.
Meditation is your quiet space.”