intuitive travel

“And then there are those places… You pass the portal and you are there! Unknown and familiar at the same time. It takes time to leave those places. And when you do, you are not the same person who entered…!”

Heart-blowing experiences

“If only that moment could last forever!”, He said. But then again, how would the next heart-blowing moment would come? We can’t predict the moments that change our lives but we can design the conditions for them to emerge.”

Digital Intuition: light & sound system with biofeedback @ TEDxLugano

business & life guidance

“How to chose between paths when the facts are not enough? When your heart and your mind demand a different choice? Go within!
When the eyes remain closed and silence becomes our music, then a different world appears. A world of infinite possibilities and clear answers. We are used to call it meditation.”

Mindful Entrepreneurship: 4-level toolkit online course

global conscious spaces

“Conscious Gems kept sacred in the hearts of their creators. From private locations to healing modalities, CG can only be opened from true finders.
It’s not about exclusivity, but about inclusion. Inclusion of all places, people and practices that support the process of becoming a humanity we are proud of.
If you are a finder, join us with your gifts, may them be financial, spiritual, social or intellectual treasures.”

Conscious Gems: activation | co-living | business

human happiness

“There are so many things we don’t know about us! Such a magnificent animal the human is! We can destroy with words and build with dreams. We can cure with our minds and fight with one look. I am looking at a future where each one of the 7billion of us has tasted happiness, a genuine moment of what means to be human.”

M.Experiment: self-conducted neuro/biofeedback experiment

divine female energy

“Nurturing we need, not restricting, not following rules and guidelines. Nurturing that invites growth in the direction that best fits us. You know when something fits just right. It’s not too much, it is not too little, it is just right. This is divine feminine energy. No waste, no lack. Just right.”

Aliki Coherence circle: weekly coherence meditation for global healing


Aliki is a founder and CEO of Mindful Experience GmbH, a Swiss based company that supports people and projects to transform their reality into a majestic experience.

The last 3 years, Aliki has been working on the intersection of science and spirituality, creating processes for human upgrade based on ancient wisdom and modern practices.

Since January 2020, Aliki is travelling worldwide to connect spiritual entrepreneurs and sacred locations into the global grid of Conscious Gems. In June 2020 the first Conscious Gem will be opening its doors in France, inviting 40 pioneers to dream into reality the new ancient future of co-living in harmony with nature.

In March 2020 she started an experiment with social media to tap into the collective intelligence and educate Conscious Business entrepreneurs for good.

She considers herself a global citizen, having lived in 7 countries and travelled in more than 30.


  • 5 years construction administration for the Olympic Games in Rio, Pyeonchang and Tokyo
  • September 2019, Digital Intuition lighting management system with human biofeedback for TEDxLugano
  • November 2019, Meditation Room for Transformative Tech Conference, San Francisco
  • January 2020, HeARTech Lab during the World Economic Forum in BlockBase Davos2020

Aliki Kostopoulou


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