Let me tell you a story….

It was December 2016, I was in Rio de Janeiro, my job was finishing in a couple of days but that was kind of all about the good news.

I was extremely stressed, deeply unhappy and completely lost. I had no idea what I was searching for. I just KNEW that this was not the life I wanted to have. I didn’t know how, but I was committed to learn how to be happy.

And that’s how it all started. First came a recommendation about a Vipassana Meditation Course that made me understand that we are not what our brain tells us, we can negotiate.

And then Reiki, took me from my low vibration point to a higher one in the 21 days of no alcohol and daily self cure with my own hands.

And then, and then, and then….

Was it fun? No (not at the beggining at least)

Was it worth it? It still IS!

That’s my journey so far…. And yours?