Decoding M.E – 1st month, insights and realisations

Decoding M.E, 1st month general comparison


Date: 16/06-16/07/2019
Experiment sequence: 1st month
Mindful Experience: experience comparison
Duration: 10, 15, 20 & 40min
Location: Various

10 min

Sexual encounter Sexual encounter Mountain hike Mountain hike Looking at the moon Looking at the moon


In the short duration activities my mind remains quite active with high Alpha and Beta brain waves, unless there is a preparation time, as in the mountain hike experience.

20 min

Reiki session to myself Reiki session to myself Contemplating the mountain Contemplating the mountain Vipassana meditation Vipassana meditation


In the medium length activities there is an increase of the Gamma brain waves, even tough my mind remains active with high Alpha and Beta brain waves.

40 min

Techno mediation with live dj Techno mediation with live dj Facilitating mindfulness session Facilitating mindfulness session Vipassana meditation Vipassana meditation


In the longer experiences we start seeing big differences between the activities.

In the techno meditation you can see an alignment of the brain activity with big differences in the different brain wave values.

When facilitating a mindfulness session all brain waves have almost equal values, something that can be observed only in this case from all the tested experiences.

And during the Vipassana meditation there is very uniform brain activity during the whole duration without important changes in the brain waves values.

What does that mean?

During the first month I was testing different experiences that can or have brought me into a mindful state before.

The most important conclusions were that:

1./ It is very difficult to bring yourself to a mindful state previously designed.

Moments of AWE apparently need the element of SURPISE!

2./ My personal levels of happiness were dropping significantly, as the usual mindful moments that were bringing me balance before now where stressing me up as they were part of the study.

So, start researching about HAPPINESS and you will probably LOOSE it!

3./ Mindfulness practices aim to bring coherence so the brain is probably not the best organ to monitor.

MINDFULNESS talks to the HEART, not to the brain!