ME for Coherence (Zurich) – manifesto

ME for Coherence (Zurich) – idea/guidelines/manifesto (you name it)


We do weekly gatherings, every Thursday at 10am Zurich time, both physical and remote. (it’s no problem skipping sessions as far as you are loving it when you are there) 🕙

The format is simple, raising the energy of the group by creating coherence! 💜〰️〰️〰️

This can happen with different practices (meditacion, time waver, drum music, …) and each member of the group can propose what he/she wants to lead. ♾

Every gathering will be dedicated to 1 practice. They happen in silence without a lot of prior explanation. Trust is fundamental. ✔️

And that’s why the people who we invite to join our exclusive group are:

1./ open to new experiences, 📖

2./ happy ro try spiritual practices that might not be rationally proven and documented (e.j Reiki), 🧪

3./ ahead in their own spiritual journey, 🗝

4./ able to contribute and commit to the group 👯‍♂️

The first time somebody new is coming he/she gets introduced by someone who is already a member. It’s important that in the first meeting they are both there. 💬

We keep it simple✌🏽

We have fun 🥳

We allow it to evolve organically 🦠