About Experiment


The Mission:

Quantify human experience during Mindful States of Consciousness.

The Vision:

The evaluation of our actions according to their benefit on our wellbeing.

The creation of an extensive database of experiences that enhance mindfulness.

The personalization of our environment through data driven suggestions from measurements collected from wearable devices.

The Questions:

  • Mindfulness, how it changes our physical and cognitive conditions when practiced regularly?
  • What is the physical state during a mindful moment?
  • What makes a mindful moment?
  • Can we reproduce mindful experiences on demand by affecting our environment?

The Assumption:

By understanding our unique body and mind functions and observing the environmental and geographical conditions we can understand what creates a mindful moment for each of us individually. Then there is the possibility of recreating mindful moments either by applying similar environmental conditions, choosing the action that fits most our current state or applying the best exercise to alter the current physical or mental state.

The Research Method:

The subject (myself) will undergo a different experience/action every day for 1 year.
During each experience all body functions able to be measured by three selected wearables will be tracked. Alterations in basic body structure will also be checked if they apply, by being tested before and after the experiment.
All experiences will be analyzed as per location, environmental conditions, type of activity and personal preference.

The Factors to be tested:

Before & after the experiment:

DNA genome
Gut microbiome
Breath patterns


Hormone levels
Cardiovascular System
Liver performance
Metabolic function
Vitamins & Minerals in blood

Before & after each experience:

Response time

During the experience:

Brain waves
Body temperature
Heart beat
Breath cycles

The ways of quanification:

Wearable devices used:

Kospet Hope Smartwatch for temporal, locational & environmental data

Oura Ring for activity and biological data

Muse 2 for brain & behavioral data

The duration:

1 year: 16/06/2019 - 16/06/2020

The challenges:

  1. Quality of data gathered from wearable devices
  2. Archiving and correlation of data
  3. Subjective categorization of experiences
  4. Unclear differences in body functions during similar activities
  5. Data comparison & conclusions’ extraction
  6. Many more that can not be predicted in advance