The theory

Psychophysiological coherence is the state of optimal function, characterized by increased order and harmony in both our psychological (mental and emotional) and physiological (bodily) processes. When in coherence we are in a state of physiological resilience and behavioral flexibility, that reflects our ability to adapt effectively to stress and environmental demands.

“Digital intuition” is a system created to detects changes in our coherence levels and the application of the mindfulness techniques that follow.


The science

We track human behavior through biosensors gathered from wearable devices in a sample of participants from the audience. When the live data indicate that the audience is entering in a critical state of indifference, boredom or irritation, our team applies well established mindfulness practices to enhance the collective coherence.

The selected biosensor device (earlobe sensor) is a HRV sensor (heart rate variability) with real time data streaming. HRV has been documented as the most reliable biomarker of coherence, able to precisely indicate subjective states of individuals of all ages groups.


The application

  • 10 speakers
  • 15 attendees
  • 3 biofeedback factors (heart rate, HRV and breath) streamed live
  • 1 full day

10 speakers and 15 attendees will be selected to be part of the full day experiment of Digital Intuition. During the conference the participants will be asked to wear the ear lobe sensor designed from Heart Math Institute. We will be tracking their heart rate and HRV (heart rate variability) and breath throughout the day to draw important insights for their well-being during the event. The overall coherence states will be analysed through the Autonom Health software in relation to the schedule and speakers for an in depth feedback of the audience engagement and personal well-being.

The sensor by Heart Math Institute

Earlobe bluetooth sensor Earlobe bluetooth sensor sensor only

The analysis by Autonom Health

med analysis_1 med analysis_2&3