If you’ve told me 3 year ago while I was working as an architect for the Olympic Games of Rio 2016 that I will become a mindfulness advisor I would have laughed and walked away…

But life has the ability to transform everything and here I am sharing with the world the most amazing journey I have ever done: INWARDS!

Architect by education, expat by choice and explorer by nature, I have always been observing the cultural differences and studying living space and human behaviour across the countries I have lived – 6 so far.

After a burn out in 2016 I was desperate to find answers…
Continue being miserable was not an option anymore!

My journey started with a 10 days Vipassana meditation in Argentina and hasn’t stopped since then.
Reiki, NLP, Neuroplasticity, Emotional Intelligence, DISC and DAILY personal practice are only some of the practices I have become familiar since then.

The result?

I ended up ABSOLUTELY PASSIONATE about the function of the human mind and the innumerous ways to expand our potential!

One of my greatest joys right now is to accompany others to transform their lives into their own masterpiece and their physical space into a mindfully enriched one.

Are you ready to explore
how our mind
transforms our lives?