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You know that new exercise or meditation type you have started doing without knowing how beneficial is for you?

Well, we can test it and send you back data and meaningful insights!

Give us a short description of the experience you want to test and we will get in contact with you soon to get more details about the experience and if it is eligible.

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Mindful Experience ideas

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But what is a Mindful Moment?


We have many words to define the Mindful Moments, we call them hypoegoic states, transpersonal experiences, unitary experiences, quantum changes, religious experiences, spiritual experiences, sacred moments, nondual awareness moments and many more.

Practically, they are the moments that we are simply ‘here’ – ‘now’, with no fears of the past and no expectations of the future. And then magic happens..!


And what is this experiment you are talking about?


Decoding M.E – the experiment is a self-conducted experiment starting on the 16th of June 2019. I will place myself into examination during several different experiences (some suggested by you!) and track the reactions on my body and brain.

More specifically, three wearables will be tracking my brain waves, my heart rate, my body temperature, my HRV (heart rate variability), my respiratory rate, my steps, the distance covered, the environmental heat and GPS + Glonass location.
Before and after the experience a cognitive test based on touch will be conducted to measure the response rate variability (aka the focus difference).

All experiences are categorized by high, medium or low environmental, activity and personality rates.

My vision is to create a system that can indicate which experiences are beneficial for our well-being  and is based upon the fact that our body instinctively knows what is beneficial or not and reacts to it, long before our rational mind gets it

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