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I am on a mission to create a system that indicates what is beneficial for you, and you only!

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You, believing in me, being capable to decode mindfulness and create a system that can be applied on you (and all of us) to create a life more worth living.

June 16, 2019
7 months ago.
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What is the experiment about?

Decoding M.E - the experiment is a self-conducted experiment, designed to decode the Mindful Experience.

The experiment starts on 16th June 2019 and is designed to last for 1 year.

Designed and executed by me, Aliki Kostopoulou (insert link:, it aims to understand the different factors that contribute in the creation of a mindful moment and how it can be personalized and reproduced.


As the founder of, architect in construction for the Olympic Games and mindfulness advisor for startups, my journey in human experience has been long and diverse.

Doesn’t matter if it physical, mental or heart space that I have been designing, my work with consciousness has left me with a strong conviction: that the closer our actions are to our essence, the more often moments of awe, Mindful Experiences happen.And the more the mindful moments happen, the more we know that we are getting closer to our essence.


Now I am on a mission to understand how I can make others experience this deep fulfillment that got me out of depression and allowed me to go beyond my personal limitations.


That’s my promise and my passion! 🤞🏾💜

"In some respects, companies are like people. They should both be mindful. One cannot build a company without being mindful himself. Otherwise, he shall fail, either pre-funding or like the CEO of Uber.

I have followed Aliki Kostopoulou as a facilitator and she is spectacular to be around.”

Antonios Kouris, Greece

“Omg, the music listening was so good, think a combination of a high, track selection and equipment played a role, I travelled to outer space and back 😊 thank you for traveling with me”

Dawid Piro, Polland

"An interesting event to see how other people deal with different challenges and it was great to have been listened to. Also, great energy and the music was very appropriate."

Edgar Kraft, Estonia

"From this session, I have understood some key parts of my daily behaviour on which I have to work on in order to improve further myself in our pursuit of happiness and of the well being. I would strongly recommend these sessions for anyone seeking a certain balance in life."

Jean Baptiste, France

“The session was a great stepping stone towards self-realization and helped me understand, observe, and reflect on my mind more clearly.”

Marjan Najafi, Iran

“I am living with a newfound and palpable momentum of positivity. I am more myself. My ego isn't mucking about (as much). I connected better with acquaintances and strangers alike. I feel and see and taste more.”

Will Eucker, USA